Facebook Ad Strategy For Solo Entrepreneur

How To Use Paid Social Media Marketing To Automate Sales And Lead Generation

taught by Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips
Real Estate Instructor

2 Hr Entrepreneur was founded by Lisa Amato, a cross country real estate investor. After scaling her business from $1500 A on to consistent Multi-6 figure online coaching business, And After spending 80k on different coaching services, She is ready to share with those who can't afford to invest in coaching, but also can't afford NOT to invest in coaching.

Lisa is for the online entrepreneur that has already made sells, but needs to scale more so they can enjoy their time. This is for the established entrepeneur who works 16 hour days - when there are easier ways to create systems and outsource the very items the creates automated sales while still keeping your voice, integrity, and pulse in the business.

It's for those who want it all, and think working 2 hours a day is just about perfect.

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